The Virtual Paul’s Cross Project  provides the experience of hearing John Donne’s sermon for Gunpowder Day, November 5th, 1622 in Paul’s Churchyard, the specific physical location for which it was composed. The user can hear Donne’s sermon from 8 different positions in Paul’s Churchyard and in the presence of 4 different sizes of crowd. Using digital modeling technology, we can experience preaching in Paul’s Churchyard as an event that unfolds over time.

The Virtual Paul’s Cross Project received the John Donne Society’s  Award for Distinguished Publication in 2013.

The Virtual Paul’s Cross Project also received the Award for Best DH Data Visualization from DH Awards in 2014.


To explore the Cathedral and its Churchyard on this website, go directly to Visual Model.

To see the visual model from several angles, go to Fly Around the Visual Model. To explore Paul’s Churchyard as an acoustic space, go directly to Acoustics

To hear Donne’s full sermon, go directly to Hearing the SermonTo explore the audibility of the sermon, go directly to Audibility.

To learn about John Donne, the preacher, go directly to Preacher.  To learn about the script for the sermon, go directly to Developing the ScriptTo learn about the occasion for the sermon, go directly to the Order of Service.

The Virtual Paul’s Cross Project has several companion projects, Including the Virtual St Paul’s Cathedral Project and the Virtual Trinity Chapel Project. To visit themgo here